At DENTAL ART we believe that you should be able to base your dental care decisions on knowledge and understanding that you gain from several sources and not solely on recommendations from your dentist. We want to show you first hand, clear and unmistakably how we can help you and what is going on with your dental health. This is why we have invested in the intra oral high resolution camera, a highly advanced hand piece of diagnostic equipment that allows you to see what exactly the dental surgeon sees inside your mouth with extreme precision and you can also see before and after treatment pictures.

The peace of mind that understanding your treatment needs brings, is invaluable. This provide real-time video and detailed images of your teeth and gums. With their aid, Dr. Omer Farooq Ahmad will explain your needs and options to you. As a result, you will not only come out understanding your treatment better but also having made the best decisions. Intraoral cameras also help us in making better diagnoses; they produce magnified, high resolution images of hard to reach places, thereby not allowing even the smallest crack to go under the radar.